Joseph Heinrichs – A Man of Mystery

I have a chafing dish marked “Jos. Heinrichs, Paris – New York, Pure Bronze, Sterling Silver”.  It is beautifully styled, well made and extremely heavy.  Those of you who are familiar with this blog understand that I have a need to know.  And I needed to know who this Joseph Heinrichs was.  Below are tidbits of information that I found on Mr. Heinrichs.  I also learned that Joseph Heinrichs manufactured items for Tiffany’s, was associated with Gorham, and designed many gorgeous works of art in sterling, copper and bronze which are highly prized and in private collections. So why is there so little information on the man?  Oh, I know where and when he was born and when he arrived in the United States.  But I don’t know if he ever married and had children.  Or when he died and where he was buried.  Or what clubs he belonged to.  And even his business operations are somewhat of a mystery.  All I can do is provide what information I did find and present it in chronological order, hoping that this might be of help to those researching Joseph Heinrichs, metalsmith.

Heinrichs Chafing Dish

Heinrichs Chafing Dish


Some Background

Some Background




LINK: Rainwater & Redfield’s “Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers” they note that “Joseph Heinrich worked as a molder and finisher of copperware in the late 1880’s. About 1897 he established his own business ….”  I could not find any listings for Mr. Heinrichs before 1900. I’ve gathered some advertisements, directory listings etc. and tried to organize them in a chronological fashion: -1900- First listing indicates he was making or selling urns. Coffee urns?

Some Listings From 1900

Some Listings From 1900

And the following 1900 ad is a little bizarre…doctors and nurses are the target market!

Cornell & Shober's Directory of Trained Nurses 1900

Cornell & Shober’s Directory of Trained Nurses 1900

-1901 & 1902-

Listings for 1901 & 1902

Listings for 1901 & 1902

In the above note the change of address from 1146 Broadway in 1901 to 948 Broadway in 1902. -1903-

1903 Fire

1903 Fire

And the first patent I found for him was for a coffee pot (apparently he didn’t like the one for the doctors and nurses):

Patent No. 747705 Heinrichs 1903

Patent No. 747705 Heinrichs 1903


From 1904

From 1904

Note that he mentions in the above ad that his coffee pots are stamped on the bottom “Jos. Heinrichs, Paris and New York”.  This is in 1904.  I mention this because a good part of my research involved the dating of some Jos. Heinrichs items that I have showing only the “New York” mark and not “Paris – New York”.  For example, these  candle holders only have the “New York” mark:

Jos. Heinricks Hammered Copper Candle Holders Marked "New York"

Jos. Heinricks Hammered Copper Candle Holders Marked “New York”

And a 1904 patent for a burner:

Patent No. 766618 Heinrichs 1904

Patent No. 766618 Heinrichs 1904

Earlier burners had an adjustable wick, therefore, this patent could possibly act as a means of dating one or the other. The patent date found on these burners is seen much later on coffee pots, teapots, etc. but is for the burner only. -1905-

New York City Directory v.119 1905

New York City Directory v.119 1905

It’s interesting to see in the above ad, that he has begun selling coffee, too.  Diversification! -1906-

From 1906

From 1906


Patent No. 851417 Heinrichs 1907

Patent No. 851417 Heinrichs 1907


1907 Scribner's Magazine Vol.42

1907 Scribner’s Magazine Vol.42

-1909 & 1910-

1909 1910 Directories

1909 1910 Directories

Note the 227 W29th address shown above is listed below as a factory.

Patent No. 950288 Heinrichs 1910

Patent No. 950288 Heinrichs 1910

He has branched out to include cocktail shakers in 1910.


I have  this Heinrichs’ cocktail set available for sale at my Etsy shop:

Listings for 1911 1913 1914 & 1915

Listings for 1911 1913 1914 & 1915

Note the addition of the 461 5th Ave address; he has two retail stores in Manhattan at this point.

Annual Industrial Directory of New York State, Vol.1 1913

Annual Industrial Directory of New York State, Vol.1 1913

“Metal Work” Factory at 227 W29th – note 25 employees and 1 in the office. -1917-

The National Corporation Reporter V.53 1916-17 pg.1024

The National Corporation Reporter V.53 1916-17 pg.1024

In the January 24, 1917 issue of The National Corporation Reporter, we see that Joseph Heinrichs & Co., Inc. had been formed.  I’ve seen “Jos. Heinrichs Corp. New York” backstamps without “Paris”.  Did World War I play a part in dissolving the French Steam Coffee Pot relationship?  The ad below is the last evidence I have of the Paris connection (was he selling old stock?)  So, if we go from a “Paris – New York” mark to a “Corp.” mark, the “New York” alone backstamp might be his earliest.  Just conjecture on my part.

Hotel Red Book & Directory 1917

Hotel Red Book & Directory 1917


White-Orr's Reference Register 1918

White-Orr’s Reference Register 1918

Note the two entries under House Furnishings above. -1919-

R. L. Polk & Co.'s ... Trow New York Copartnership ... 1919

R. L. Polk & Co.’s … Trow New York Copartnership … 1919

Who is Herman Bassemir? I need to do further research on him.  -1920-

Patent No. 1357051 Heinrichs 1920

Patent No. 1357051 Heinrichs 1920



From 1921

Angelo Scavullo has his own story….

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Nov. 17 1921

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Nov. 17 1921


The Trow Alcom Blue Book 1922

The Trow Alcom Blue Book 1922

And the snippet below shows he was making hammered silver items for soda fountains too.

The Soda Fountain Vol.21 April 1922

The Soda Fountain Vol.21 April 1922

-1925 & 1926-

From 1925 & 1926

From 1925 & 1926

Was he making a move out of town? -1927-

1927 Scavullo Patent No. 72498

1927 Scavullo Patent No. 72498

The patent above was assigned to Joseph Heinrichs Corp.  Note Angelo states he is residing at 948 Broadway, which is the address of the retail shop. -1929-

Patent No. 1717974 Heinrichs 1929

Patent No. 1717974 Heinrichs 1929


The New Yorker 1935

The New Yorker 1935

Not sure what to make of the 1935 piece above, was this his new address?  However 1937 brought bankruptcy to Heinrichs.

Scavullo takes over

Angelo Scavullo takes over

Legion is still in business today.

Hammered Copper Match Holder with "New York" Mark

Hammered Copper Match Holder with “New York” Mark

Match holder above, ashtray below.

Cigar Ashtray with Match Holder

Cigar Ashtray with Match Holder

From the above advertisements and listings, it appears the “Paris – New York” mark was used from around 1904 to about 1918, and seeing Heinrichs was incorporated in 1917, it doesn’t seem to leave much room for the New York only mark.  Could the match holder above be an early example of his work? The match holder and ashtray shown above and the candle holders shown earlier are all available for purchase at my Etsy shop.

NOTE:  Scott Bowen has a beautiful Heinrichs’ bear smoking / drinking set for sale.  Photos follow.  Please see Scott’s comment below and contact him if your are interesting in purchasing. SORRY, THIS SET HAS SOLD!

Scott Bowen's Set 1

Scott Bowen’s Set 1

Scott Bowen's Set 2

Scott Bowen’s Set 2

Scott Bowen's Set 3

Scott Bowen’s Set 3

Following is the backstamp; note there is no maker’s mark:



Thank you!

Update January 11, 2018:  The following pictures came from Gary who made a comment below regarding a Jos. Heinrichs bar cart:




I have not seen another cart / wet bar similar to this. If anyone has any info regarding this type of Heinrichs cart, I’d appreciate your comments. Thank you.

Update, June 4, 2019:  please see the June 2, 2019 comment from Nicola regarding the following oil lamp filler:


If anyone has any info they could share about this oil lamp filler, please respond to Nicola’s comment. She’s appreciate it!


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51 Responses to Joseph Heinrichs – A Man of Mystery

  1. KerryCan says:

    As I read, I kept thinking how MUCH you’d learned about Heinrich but, then, at the end of the post, I wanted to know more. That copper chafing dish is a thing of amazing beauty!

  2. I own a pure copper bunson burner. It was patented 08-02-1904 #766,618 by J..Heinrichs.Paris & New York Pure Copper magic. This is stamped on the bottom. This patent picture is not exactly the same as my burner (some variations, but basically the same utensil) I am trying to find out how much it may be worth, because I want to sell it. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • queenofsienna says:

      Sally, it’s hard to say how much it’s worth as it’s only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. The condition is important. That being said, there is one for sale on Etsy now for $35. Go to Etsy and search “Heinrich Magic Burner” and check it out.

  3. lori Janowski says:

    I have a copper silver fruit bowl on a stand what is it worth

    • queenofsienna says:

      It depends on the exact item, its condition and how desirable it is. Ultimately it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Joseph Heinrichs pieces sell from relatively modest amounts to thousands of dollars. You can look at Google Shopping to see the wide variety of pieces and prices. And you could look at eBay completed items to see what Heinrichs items have actually sold for.

  4. Candy Bordonaro says:

    I was going through some of my mother’s things and I found an ash tray with a copper figurine with Joseph Heinrichs – Pure Copper Paris New York on it. It was always in our house and I forgot about it until now. I haven’t found any photos like it online.

  5. Nancy Morrison says:

    I have a Jos. Heinrichs Silver Soldered Chocolate / Coffee Pot that has “Hotel Statler” engraved on the bottom just under Mr. Heinrichs marking. Also the pot has the hotel insignia opposite side from the gorgeous all silver handle. I have not been able to find one on the internet like this one. All the others I see have wooden handles. How can I find out what it’s worth?


    I have just purchased a Heinrich brass champagne bucket with the stand…..what is its value. and where can I find its history?
    Thanks Greg

    • queenofsienna says:

      From what I’ve seen online, the bucket sells for $100 – $150 without the stand. Sorry to say I don’t have any info on the history of this. might be a good place to search.

  7. Scott Bowen says:

    I have a, what I think is a complete drinking cigar set. Bear head serving plate, large cup, two smaller cups and a cigar lighter. Can’t find pictures of the cups anywhere. Please respond with information. I’m willing to sell the set.

    • queenofsienna says:

      Hello. I don’t have any information on the set you describe. I’d be happy to post a picture of your set in my blog post and any interested parties can contact you directly. My email address is

    • Robert says:

      I would be interested in the set if it is for sale . What were you thinking for a price ?

      • queenofsienna says:

        Robert, Scott will be contacting you directly.

      • Scott Bowen says:

        Not quite sure yet. Still trying to get an exact estimate. I’ve been told that the Patina is gone and not sure exactly what they mean by that. This set as some unique features that I’m not seeing on other stuff. The bear head on mine has a full caped neck, the only other one I can find, which is only the tray has no neck. These little things might make it an original. If you could bear with me til I get a better understanding about this piece, I will be happy to give you a fair price. Just want to be fair and not unrealistic. Thank you.

    • queenofsienna says:

      Scott, congratulations on your sale of the Heinrichs smoking set!

  8. Dale Ross says:

    Thank you for your blog !! I picked up a Jos. Heinrichs nickel silver Paris+ New York stamped electric egg cooker today at a second hand store. It is all there and looks original. No dents or dings, but the patina has an issue someone many years ago had put some tape around the top and bottom when it was stored, it’s not sticky but there is the tape pattern around it. Should I leave it the way it is or shine it up? I will try to take afew photos if I can figure out how and send them to you.

  9. James Haney says:

    I have a very unique piece made by jos. Heinrichs corp. New York it is a portable wetbar and it looks to be made of silver for the sink portion and silver over brass for the legs which sit atop coaster wheels made by jarvis & jarvis palmer mass. Bordering the top is wooden tray type of fixture that looks to be for setting drinks on. Inside is a rack for stemmed glasses and a cloth tray on oneside and a drain at the bottom . It has the hammered look surface and it is in very good condition with no corrosion or oxidation . I havent been able to find out anything about it and id like to know what its worth it is genuine and i have seen no others like it.

    • queenofsienna says:

      It sounds very unique indeed! I’d be happy to post photos of it on my blog if you’d like to send them to me at A reader might be able to provide information. Make sure to include a photo of the Heinrichs’ mark if you do.

      I wrote this blog because I really couldn’t find much info on Jos. Heinrichs. I’m not a professional appraiser. I see there are some appraisers on the internet who will provide a free appraisal but I have never used them. All I can offer is to put your photos out there and see if anyone can offer information.

    • Gary says:

      Hi I have a similar cart and have been unable to find any information

  10. Jackie says:

    I have a JOSEPH HEINRICH letter open with bear or raccoon on top marked silver and copper . Do know the value and where I can sell it?

  11. Jess says:

    Hi. Thanks for all the information! I have a piece I’m wondering about. I sent you an email 🙂

  12. David Cohen says:

    Very cool blog. i happened upon one off his silver soldered cups but I also have along the side a stamped “SBF” any idea what that means? Could it be a hotel? In New York perhaps. The cup is actually what i would assume would be used for a dessert or parfait and not for drinking. Perhaps shrimp cocktail on ice as well but not very big. I just want to know if you have any idea what the SBF might stand for – unless its perhaps someone’s initials. It’s kind of hidden on the cup in a way.

    • queenofsienna says:

      I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with that SBF mark. Is the Heinrichs mark on the bottom? And where exactly is the SBF mark? You could send me some photos at if that is convenient.

      • David Cohen says:

        Heinrichs mark is on the bottom. The SBF mark is on the side of the cup. I am at work now but when I return home tonight, I’ll snap a couple photos and put it online. I ran across this at an estate sale, the price was pretty low and I have had some level of success selling hand hammered items, so i took a chance.

  13. Jude says:

    My parents were born in 1923 & 24, my Grandfater on my fathers side (who died before I was born in
    1966)….. Worked for Jos Heinrich many years. The family had many pieces….. I have only a few myself now…. I don’t know much about Jos Heinrichs….(( or my grandfather for that matter))…, only that he worked for him.

    • David Cohen says:

      Just to give you a heads up, I decided to go ahead and sell the Heinrichs cup on eBay.

      Wish me luck!


      Sent from my iPhone


      • Alessandro Parrocchetti says:

        J’ai un plateau en cuivre marqué comme ça:

        PARIS + NEW YORK

        J voudrais savoir quelque chose, surtout
        la date de fabbrication, à peu près.
        Alessandro Parrocchetti

      • queenofsienna says:

        I would estimate between 1905-1915.

  14. Carla Gunn says:

    Thank you for the background. I always like to know about the makers of the pieces I am selling for an estate as well as how they were used in their heyday. I have an oval tray and set of four graduated “sauce pots” with long handles and a spout all Jos. Heinrichs Paris + New York, Pure Bronze Sterling silver. I’m a foody too so I really want to know how these were used. Any idea? I can send a photo if you like.

  15. Maureen Greto says:

    Very interesting information! I have a copper vessel, which may either be a drink shaker or coffee/tea pot. I’ve not seen one online like this. I sent you an email with photos to your gmail address. Thanks for your help.

  16. Jeff Jordan says:

    I have a jos Heinrich sauce pan and it is stamped JOS HENINRICHS NEW YORK PURE COPPER STERLING SILVER. Underneath that there was something scratched off. I can see HO but the rest is hard to recognize. It might be HOLLYWOOD. Can you tell me what might have made someone to scratch this out. Thanks Jeff

    • queenofsienna says:

      It could be that perhaps it was a hotel name (I know he made pots for the Hotel Thorndike) and someone absconded with it…scratching out the name to hide the evidence.
      Just a guess!

  17. Jennifer Cline Shenk says:

    I have several pieces of what appears to be silver flatware (not hammered) Jos. heinrichs stample on the back of the handle on the front there is another (top of the handle) looks like two letters followed by MIA. I cant find anything on these pieces, can you help?

  18. Lu says:

    I have quite a nice collection of Joseph Heinrichs pieces …. probably over 25 (sets) ….. mostly cooking and serving ware in either PURE COPPER/PURE BRONZE and STERLING SILVER lined which I both display and use on a regular basis. Luv, luv, luv, my Heinrichs! I have several sterling lined teapot sets, Samovars, chafing sets, chocolate pots, etc ….

    Recently, I just acquired a very familiar setup which I call the “Lobster” stand w/a place for the warmer built into the stand and the lidded pot/vessel. Any eBay search for “Joseph Heinrichs Lobster” will usually bring up several seller listings for the Sterling lined, pure bronze chafing/warmer setup.

    However, this set which I’ve just gotten is NOT the usual copper or bronze set? Rather, this set is ALL Silver …. right down to the screw, nut & finial attached to the lid? My question is this:
    As I’ve not yet been able to get the piece looked at or tested (I’m disabled), I’m unsure whether this is merely plated or not? When I removed the screw and nut to remove the finial for cleaning with silver polish, it does NOT appear to have any other color metal showing except the silver color. There is NO ‘plate’ loss or pitting revealing any other material or metal underneath the silver – at least which I can see even with a magnifying glass? (the entire set, every piece was nearly BLACK with Tarnish & no easy feat to clean up with Silver Cleaner and Polish) Took me three hours over the course of a couple days to clean this to a BRILLIANT SHINING STERLING LOOKING set! It is simply GORGEOUS!

    Yes, its quite heavy , but the pot which sits inside the stand is rather small ? The vessel is slightly flared w/a bottom measurement about 5″ and the top diameter of about 6.25″. MUCH smaller than the usual bronze/sterling chafing pot diameter?

    Puzzling to me that altho the typical Heinrichs marking is stamped on the underneath of the pot vessel which reads
    “Joseph Heinrichs
    Paris + New York ”
    that is ALL it is marked ANYWHERE ??

    Is not marked “Silver” anywhere?
    Or anything else for that matter?

    Does anybody know ANYTHING about this piece? Is it even POSSIBLE this setup might be solid sterling? (Seems would be quite an extravagance?)

    I HAVE seen the Harlequin stand setup with the bowl that is ALL silver in color and the seller on eBay states his is Solid Sterling? (I’ve got that exact same setup in copper with the sterling lined bowl)

    ….. its driving me mad ….. mad I tell you! I cannot find ANYTHING online about this? Help please?

    Any info greatly appreciated sent to LLUCIO6166 at
    We all know Gmail, right *wink*

  19. queenofsienna says:

    Hi, I did reply to you via email but I found something else. See this link:

    So he did work in solid silver but the vase discussed in this link is marked “STERLING”

    If I find anything else, I’ll get in touch.

  20. Nicola Buitrago says:

    Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. Wow you are thorough.
    I inherited a pewter oil can marked JOS.HEINRICHS PARIS + NEW YORK
    I haven’t seen any other pewter ware of his. I will send you a photo. I found out it was for domestic use for oil lamps possibly, but it has a little pump to push the oil into small spaces. It may be from 1880 according to one source but that doesn’t fit with your dates for the use of the stamp. It was found in 1976 in a house in Devon UK.

  21. Barbara Metcalf says:

    I inherited a Heinrich Copper Hare Chafing Dish. Beautiful copper piece with 3 Brass Rabbits as the legs , It has the Paris New York stamp and Pat. Aug 2. 1904. Thanks for your very informative article !!

  22. Jude Principio says:

    Hello, I wish I could help with any information, but I can’t… I write because my Grandfather
    Salvatore Principio (Whom I never met) worked for Jos Heinrichs. That’s the only job I’ve ever heard of him having. My family had many Heinrichs pieces, I think my brother has most now. I have the round cigar ashtray, and the shaker left, along with small copper ashtrays,… (I think their ashtrays, or holders?)….Anyway… that’s all I know.

  23. Mike Semanoff says:

    I have a percolator marked Jos Heinrichs Pat 1907. Its electric and marked in a different location Prometheus Electric. It has very odd terminals. I don’t care what it’s worth just how old. When did they start with electric?

    • queenofsienna says:

      That J. Heinrichs April 23, 1907 patent was for a coffee pot with a burner, not electrical connection. When Heinrichs began manufacturing electric appliances or became affiliated with Prometheus I do not know. The earliest Heinrichs ad that I have seen mentioning electric is 1921. Maybe a reader might have additional info.

  24. Mike Semanoff says:


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