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Oneida Community at Wallingford

On August 27, 2020 a tornado touched down in Bethany, CT and was on the ground for 11.1 miles. It reminded me of the May 2018 tornado that also went through Bethany. I don’t suppose that many people think of … Continue reading

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And then it got complicated…

For a while now I had intended to write about medium forks.  Medium meaning design not size.  The photo below shows the design of which I speak. The fork on the left is approximately 7 and 5/8 inches long and … Continue reading

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Joseph Mayer and the Kreielsheimer Bros.

I recently received an email from a gentleman asking for assistance in identifying the maker of a punch ladle. The photo above is a close up of the handle detail. I was taken with the beautiful design incorporating grapes, corn … Continue reading

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Cafe L’Aiglon

When I come across a julep strainer that has a business name on it, most likely a restaurant or hotel, the basic snoop in me compels me to research and find out all I can about it.  Sometimes that’s difficult … Continue reading

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Floris Ligna

Floris Ligna…. what does that mean?  The best I can decipher, the translation from Latin to English is “Floral Timber”.  What?  Yes, there are flowers and trees incorporated in this transfer print design, but there is so much more. There’s … Continue reading

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Up For Consideration

For quite some time now I’ve had a sweet little child’s cup and saucer in a red aesthetic print design which is marked “Tunis” and “E. S”. I have seen patterns called “Tunis” made by other potters but the design … Continue reading

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Hope & Carter

I have seen several examples of pieces of a child’s tea set in an aesthetic collage pattern made by Hope & Carter. The majority of this pattern that I have seen are unmarked but I have seen a few that … Continue reading

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Over 100 Years of Jigger Spoons

They weren’t just a flash in the pan.  What was once known as a “novelty” has been around for over a century now.  The jigger spoons shown in the photo below are available for sale at my Etsy shop … Continue reading

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Message to Someone Somewhere

I occasionally search online for interesting cocktail shakers and came across the Cartier shaker shown below: What got my attention were the many signatures on the shaker as well as the prominently displayed initials “J.R.H.” at the top with the … Continue reading

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I started to do research on a little glass bottle which had a glass tube within it and the words “You-Mix-It” embossed diagonally across the front. There was foil over the top which read “Manhattan” and “Not Genuine If Seal … Continue reading

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