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The Second Generation or The Last of the Rogers in Hartford

Up to now the the previous posts on flatware manufacturing in Hartford have evolved into the gathering of information primarily on the original Rogers brothers, William Hazen, Asa Harris and Simeon Smith. Now we discuss William Henry Rogers (son of William Hazen) and … Continue reading

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Rogers Brothers of Hartford

Today we are still in Hartford CT., continuing with the silver plate theme of  previous posts, extending the time line a bit, while overlapping info here and there. This is another attempt to organize some notes, illustrations, photos and other semi-related material … Continue reading

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William Hazen Rogers in Hartford 1820-1855

There were many individuals involved in the silver plating industry in Hartford during the 1800s.  They worked individually, went into business with others, had multiple interests, and moved from here to there.  And it doesn’t make it any easier to … Continue reading

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Ames, Mead & Smee – The Beginnings of Silverplate in Hartford

Here begins a series of articles on early silver plate production in Hartford, Connecticut. (This blog is a way for me to keep my notes organized) First we must travel a little north to the “Ames Mfg. Co.” at “Cabotville” or “Chicopee” … Continue reading

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Freedley 1856 Silver Plated Wares

This blog is basically part of a section of one book written in 1856 by Edwin T. Freedley. Referenced in an earlier post entitled “The Search for Spoonville”, I also plan on using this book as a resource for future posts, including the next, which continues with my research on Hartford, … Continue reading

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Wethersfield Avenue

In a prior post, “Footsteps on the Stairs” I discussed some of my experiences working in a Victorian house (thought by some, including me, to be haunted) in the Asylum Hill area of Hartford, Connecticut. I worked in another building that was even older … Continue reading

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Footsteps on the Stairs

In the second half of the 19th Century, Hartford, Connecticut was home to many of the early pioneers of American silver plate manufacturing.  Researching the history of several of these companies, I’ve learned quite a bit about the history of … Continue reading

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