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The Hartford Manufacturing Company

Hartford Manufacturing Company is a bit of an enigma.  In some popular and well respected books on the subject of American silverplate it is barely mentioned if, in fact, mentioned at all.  And trying to find any history relating to … Continue reading

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The Smiths of Bridgeport

It all started with research on a demitasse spoon….  It had a marvelous scarab design and the only mark on the back was an “O” in a diamond shape.  It turned out that the pattern was named “Antique Egyptian” and … Continue reading

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David H. McConnell: Beyond Avon

In researching items for my Etsy shop, I’ve discovered individuals who are truly inspiring.  Two earlier posts to this blog discussed two such men, Dr. Leonard Waldo and Mr. John Bowman.  Now I turn to David H. McConnell…. If the … Continue reading

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