Joseph Mayer and the Kreielsheimer Bros.

I recently received an email from a gentleman asking for assistance in identifying the maker of a punch ladle.


The photo above is a close up of the handle detail. I was taken with the beautiful design incorporating grapes, corn and wheat. The “KB” monogram was an artistic inclusion.


The maker’s mark, however, was one with which I was unfamiliar. It was a triangle .with a fleur de lis within. These were the only three photos I had been given.


I searched the usual suspects on the web for this hallmark, with no luck. I searched through my reference books with no success.


Then I searched “triangle fleur de lis” on eBay under antiques, silver, including description. I found a few souvenir spoons with a similar mark but those sellers did not know the manufacturer. Then I found a listing that contained the information shown above. The triangle and fleur de lis mark had been used by Joseph Mayer & Bros. Eureka!

The man who had asked for help in identifying this mark, Horseshoe Bill, from Washington state, said he had suspected this might be a Joseph Mayer piece but the only mark of theirs that he was familiar with was a crossed pick and shovel. We thought perhaps that this was a custom design. Mystery solved.

But in my own little inquisitive mind I’m wondering who or what does “KB” stand for? It had to be a prominent, wealthy, individual or entity. I was just about to start poking around to see if I could find any likely candidates when I received the following photos from Horseshoe Bill:


Another mystery solved, for me at least, Kreielsheim Bros….KB.


…of Seattle


..where the handle meets the bowl, grape leaves and corn.

Bill said “As KB were in the liquor wholesale business, the custom design reflects plant based items used in the distellery business, grapes, wheat and corn. Whiskey and Wine, they even produced some pretty hand made embossed bottles. I used to dig and still collect them, their amber and clear whiskeys are nice looking whiskeys, all tooled top, hand made.”

I found the following article and photo of the Kreielshaimer Bros. establishment at 209 First Avenue South, in Seattle,:


A very satisfying conclusion for me. So often I search and search, sometimes for days or months (I kid you not) and come up empty. But not this time.

Horseshoe Bill is really

Bill Becht

Horseshoe Coins & Antiques

Blaine, Wash. 98230

He advises he is in the process of setting up an eBay shop under the user name ” old-west-artifacts ”

Check him out. I know I will.

Update: Thought I’d add the following photo of the page from Noel Turner’s “American Silver Flatware” showing Joseph Mayer patterns.


This pattern is not one, and as we suspected it must have been a custom design.

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3 Responses to Joseph Mayer and the Kreielsheimer Bros.

  1. Bill Becht says:

    Hi Susan,
    I see you posted the info on the punch ladle!
    Nicely done, hopefully that will help others with identification of this unlisted maker mark!
    I had looked for some time and couldn’t locate the maker, although all along I suspected the Mayer’s!
    I mean if your a fellow business wouldn’t you shop locally?
    You found a listing with a article on the mark and you solved the mystery!
    Pretty cool, I’m glad I contacted you, so much history and info out there is not widely documented,
    It’s quite rewarding when a mystery is solved, and you did it!
    Thanks for all your help, and also the plug for my business, now shut indefinitely till this worldwide
    Hiccup is behind us all!
    Just a clarification, I’ll have some things starting at auction on Ebay on April 8, 2020! and I’ll include this possibly unique pre-prohibition advertising liquor wholesaler from Seattle, punch ladle!
    Thanks again for your help in identification!
    Everybody, try and stay healthy out there, don’t forget to breath, incorporate relaxing things to do through your days, keep busy with positive activities, and try to realize there is a time ahead where this
    will be behind us! What can you do?
    I know for me learning to go with the flow can be a challenge, but it’s the only way, some things you have control over, others you don’t!
    The Monty Python movie, Life of Brian, is a must watch, the song I like to use in times like this
    In part goes like this, “
    “When life seems jolly rotten, there’s something you’ve forgotten, and that’s to laugh and dance and smile and sing, when your feeling in the dumps, don’t be silly chumps, just purse your
    Lips together, that’s the thing!!!! We’ll get through this by hook or crook, stay positive and appreciate the
    little things everyone!
    Thanks Susan 🌞🌺🌲🌝

  2. Melissa Vanderlaan says:

    So fun to see your research! Thank you. I have missed your posts. None of my resources show E. J. Manufacturing but am guessing they are not related to Towle (“Lion T”) from Massachusetts? Stay safe in these crazy times!

    • queenofsienna says:

      Hi, Melissa! Yes, it has been a while. You are absolutely correct. E. J. Towle was not related to Towle (Lion T) from Massachusetts. They were out of Seattle from 1938 -80. They were succeeded by three various companies since then with the latest being Tharpe. Robbins, Attleboro, MA. You stay safe too!

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