Bernard Rice’s Sons

In the blog post immediately preceding this one, I discussed Bernard Rice’s family but didn’t discuss Bernard Rice’s Sons’ well known cocktail shakers.

A successful cocktail shaker line offered by this firm was the “What’ll yer have?” shaker.

1933 D89653 Rice

Louis Rice’s description for the patent follows:

1933 D89653a Rice

Although the 1933 patent for this shaker does not show it, the shaker itself contains recipes for 18 different cocktails. The description does mention that the panels are divided for the display of recipes.  Of interest, the patent was filed in October of 1932 and issued in April of 1933.  Prohibition didn’t end until December of 1933. Those Rice boys knew a change was coming and they jumped right on it, including cocktail recipes on the shaker in case you forgot how to make them during that long dry spell. Ha!

For those of you with inquiring minds, the 18 recipes are as follows: Harvard, Jack Rose, Manhattan, Maple Leaf, Martini, Pink Lady, Side Car, 20th Century, Yale, Absinthe, Alexander, Bacardi, Bronx, Canadian, Clover Club, Coronation, Dubonnet and Eggnog.


The above illustration, compiled from images taken from the 1934 L. & C. Mayers catalog, shows three different styles of this shaker.

“What’ll yer have?” drinking cups were also available from Bernard Rice’s Sons:


These cups have three cocktail recipes on each and I believe a total of six were available in a set.


Two different examples of these cups are available at my Etsy shop.

1924 1493501 Rice stopper

Years earlier, in 1922, Louis Rice had obtained the patent shown above.  Although this “stopper” could be used on a cocktail shaker, he did not use the term “cocktail shaker” on the patent as he did on the “What’ll yer have?” patent.

In 1924 Louis Rice obtained another patent, this time calling it a “beverage shaker”.

1924 1509981 Rice

The following Bernard Rice’s Sons ad from the January 30, 1924 Jewelers’ Circular is for yet another “shaker”:

1924 Jewelers Circular

Bernard Rice’s Sons offered many other versions of cocktail shakers and were quite successful. I’m sure they  would have made their father proud.

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3 Responses to Bernard Rice’s Sons

  1. KerryCan says:

    This cups are mine, all mine!! What a cool design, with the recipes!

  2. George King says:

    Trying to figure out what I have here. Silver plate on copper, Bernard Rice & Sons, pitcher with built in strainer close to the small spout, # 6015. the handle moves like on a bucket, ribbed design on lower 1/2 of pitcher also says S & G Gump Co.

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