I was recently researching the various backstamps of Williams Bros. Mfg. Co. One of those marks was W.B.1900. I believed this to be a Williams Bros. mark but I hadn’t been successful in finding an advertisement or a catalog from that time which corroborated my belief.  It left an uneasy feeling with me. Sometimes you think you know something. And sometimes you can be very wrong.  I knew this from experience.

As luck would have it, persistence paid off and I found the following article in a 1902 issue of Current Advertising:


The article shown above mentions Wallace Brothers of Wallingford, Connecticut and their advertisement for the “Essex” pattern.  “Essex” was a pattern that had the W.B.1900 backstamp which I believed to be Williams Bros.  Warning bells started to ring.  Elsewhere in this blog I had stated that W.B.1900 was a Williams Bros. mark.  Maybe the Wallace “Essex” pattern was a different pattern than the Williams “Essex” pattern? But then I found this:


The 1908 Hardware magazine article shown above discusses the Wallace Bros. “Poppy” teaspoon. It states “This is the brand called W.B.1900”. Well, that settled that.  I was wrong about William Bros.; this was a backstamp of Wallace. The 1914 article below on Advertising also discusses this Wallace “Poppy” pattern:


The little “Essex” spoon I have with “W.B.1900” and “Junket” on the back is not a Williams Bros. spoon as I had thought, but instead Wallace Bros.


This little spoon reminds me of my youth…I ate quite a bit of Junket rennet custard back then. And it doesn’t matter at all to me who made my spoon…I love it!

I have amended my blog post on J. B. Williams and William Bros. Mfg., “Soap to Silver”. And I apologize for providing incorrect information earlier.

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2 Responses to W.B.1900

  1. KerryCan says:

    “She persisted”! You really are an amazing researcher! Does the Junket mark mean that the spoon was a giveaway with the custard or is it unrelated?

  2. queenofsienna says:

    There was a National Dairy Show in Chicago in 1906 where they served samples of Junket. This spoon might have been a hand-out there or it might have been offered as a premium.

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