Variations on a Theme

There are several mid 19th century flatware designs that are somewhat similar.  For ease of comparison, I’ve put four of these designs next to each other as shown below:

The first design on the left is the 1846 pattern of Michael Gibney, Patent No. 59; this pattern looks remarkably similar to “Olive”.  The next is identified in “Silver Plated Flatware Patterns (2nd Edition)” by Davis and Deibel as “Hall Elton Three”.  I’ve seen the next pattern also listed as “Hall Elton Three” on the web, and I don’t know if this is actually a variation of this design or not.  And the last design was on a fork backstamped E. W. Sperry.  I believe this pattern is known as “Tuscan”.

Gibney Design Variations

Gibney Design Variations

Similar Gibney Design Variations

Similar Gibney Design Variations

In the photo above, the first one on the left is a 1847 pattern by John C. Moore, Patent No. 114.  The next is “Olive” followed by an L. Boardman variation, “Olive II”.  And the last is “Brunswick”, also made by L. Boardman.

I need to do more research on these patterns and others similar.  I’m just posting this now in response to a reader’s question and request for additional information.  I will be updating this in the near future.

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3 Responses to Variations on a Theme

  1. KerryCan says:

    At first glance, I would’ve thought these were identical! Was this sneaky copying of a popular original design? Hmmmmm . . .

  2. Ellen Lacter says:

    I found some Hall Elton (indicated on the back) flat wear that I do not see on your site!
    I got 10 or 12 pieces, forks and knives, at the Salvation Army!
    They are beautiful and look very old.
    They get wider at the end, then turn back in a diamond-like shape at the top with a rounded point.
    They also have a round disk on the middle of the handle.
    I can send you a photo if you like.

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