Some 19th Century Flatware Patterns

As I’ve researched flatware patterns over the years, I’ve compiled information which I wanted easy access to…thus this post.  I hope it helps you as it has helped (and will continue to help) me.  I’ll be updating it periodically.

Following are some 19th Century flatware patterns shown in alphabetical order by pattern name.  Below each grouping is additional information regarding the patterns shown.

Where you see “+” it means that there were multiple manufacturers for a particular pattern as does the word “numerous”.


Acanthus:  Gorham, 1885 (sterling)
Acme:  Holmes, Booth & Haydens, 1877
Alaska:  Wm. Rogers / Anchor Rogers, 1890
Alpine:  Wallace, 1881, Pat. #12137 to Meriden Britannia, H. W. Hirschfeld design
Anchor:  Hartford, International Silver, 1882
Angelo: Wm. Rogers (numerous), 1883 aka “Saratoga” pattern
Angelo:  Wood & Hughes, 1878, Pat. #10536, Charles F. Richers design
Antique Engraved: Gorham, 1880
Arbutus: Lunt, A.F. Towle, 1883
Arcadian:  1847 Rogers Bros., 1884
Armenian:  1847 Rogers Bros, Anchor Rogers & Rogers, Smith & Co., 1886
Ascot:  Pairpoint, 1883, Pat. #14072, Thomas J. Pairpoint design
Assyrian:  Holmes & Edwards (numerous), 1889, Pat. #19276, R.H. Klingel design
Assyrian:  Numerous, 1886, Pat. #16713 to Meriden Brit., H. W. Hirschfeld design
Assyrian Head:  1847 Rogers Bros., (numerous), 1887


Athens:  Wm. Rogers, 1883, Pat. #14243 to Simpson, Hall, Miller, W. Rogers design
Attica:  R & B (Rogers & Bro.), 1892 
Aurora:  Aurora Silver Plate Co., 1888 (see Holmes & Edwards 1 below)
Bay State:  Standard Silver Ware, 1880, Pat. #11956 to Charles Parker Co. L.F. Griswold
Berlin:  R.C. Co., 1891, Pat. #12274 to Maltby, Stevens & Curtis, R. H. Klingel design
Berwick: Pairpoint Mfg. Co., 1880 (bright finish; India pattern in satin finish)
Boston: Numerous, 1882, Pat. #13178 to Rogers & Brittin, George Gill design 
Breton:  L. Boardman & Son, circa 1880
Brilliant:  Reed & Barton, 1869
Bristol Two:  Bristol Plate Co.
Bristol Three:  Bristol Plate Co.
Brooklyn:  Oneida Community, 1881, Pat. #12308, Myron H. Kinsley design 
Brooklyn 2:  Ontario Silver Co. (variation of above)
Calla Lily:  Crown Silver Plate Co., 1883, Pat.#14262, multi motif, T. Triebel design
Canton: W.F. Rogers, C. Rogers, Anchor Rogers, 1890 (aka “Ruby” pattern) 01AESTHETIC 15 BLANK 975x1500  BORDER 13 GOOD CANTON-CROWN

Canton:  C. Rogers, 1884, Pat.#15134, A. Sperry design (aka Winthrop/Homer)
Cardinal: Rogers & Hamilton (numerous), 1887
Cashmere:  Wood & Hughes, 1878, Pat. # 10912, C. F. Richers design (sterling)
Celestial: Wood & Hughes, 1870 (multi motif)
Chicago:  Rogers & Bro. (numerous), 1879, Pat. #11171, aka “Newport” see below
Clyde: A.F. Towle, 1883
Coral:  Sheffield Plate Co., 1890
Coral:  Rogers & Bro. (numerous), 1892
Corinth: Holmes, Booth & Haydens, 1884, Pat. #15129, H. W. Hayden design
Corona: Holmes, Booth & Haydens, 1884
Coronet: Hall, Elton & Co. (numerous) 1882, Pat. #12841, F. Waterhouse design
Coronet: J. B. Knowles, 1879, Pat. #11473, Joseph Knowles design
Countess: Wm. Rogers, 1880, Pat. #11745 to Simpson, Hall, Miller, W. Rogers design
Crescent: Numerous, 1879, Pat. #11508 to Hall, Elton, F. Waterhouse design
Crown: 1847 Rogers (numerous), 1876, Pat. 9591, H. W. Hirschfeld design  

Croyden:  Pairpoint Mfg. Co., 1883, Pat. #14127, T. J. Pairpoint design, multi motif
Daisy:  Holmes & Edwards+, 1888, Pat. #18315, R.H. Klingel design, aka “Mayflower”
Daisy: Rockford Silver Plate Co. (numerous), 1892
Danish: Wm. Rogers+, 1880, Pat. #12053 to Maltby, Stevens & Curtis, W. Lewis design 
Derby II: Derby Silver Co.
Diamond:  Wallace Bros., 1878, Pat. #10654, Jacob Hammarth design
Domestic:  Gorham, 1880
Dresden: Pairpoint, 1891
Duchess: Standard Silver Ware Co., 1878, Pat. #10664 to Wallace Bros, H. Wallace design
Durham 1: My example of this pattern is marked “Durham Silver P. Co.”
East Lake:  Rogers & Bro. (numerous), 1879, aka “Lyonnaise”
Eastlake: Hall, Elton & Co. +, 1879, Pat. #11508, F. Waterhouse design aka “Crescent” 
Eastlake:  Rogers & Bro., 1886
Egyptian:  Rogers & Bro., 1879, Pat. #11174 to Simpson Hall Miller, Vasseur design
Elgin:  American Sterling Co., 1883

Essex:  Pairpoint, 1880
Eureka:  Wm. Rogers, 1890
Fuschia:  Crown Silver Plate, 1883, Pat. #14262, multi motif (see Calla Lily above)
Geneva: L. Boardman & Son, c. 1890
Geneva: Wm. Rogers, 1881, Pat. #12241 to Simpson Hall Miller, S.W. Belk design
Granada: A.F. Towle, 1884, Pat. #15421 to John Russell Cutlery, E. Towle design 
Greek:  See “Assyrian” above.
Hartford: Wm. Rogers, Rogers & Bro., 1879
Harvard:  Derby Silver Co., E.G. Webster, 1883
Hawthorn:  Wallace, c. 1880 (sterling)
Hayden One: Holmes, Booth & Haydens, 1881, Pat. # 12554, Hiram Hayden design
Holmes & Edwards 1: Holmes & Edwards, 1881, R.H. Klingel design (see “Aurora”)
Homer: C. Rogers. 1884 aka Homer / Winthrop (see “Canton” above)
Honeysuckle: Whiting Mfg. Co., 1885, Charles Osborne design
Humbolt: My example of this pattern is marked “Sterling Plate <B>”


Imperial: 1847 Rogers (numerous), c. 1880, aka “Hawthorn” (see above)
Imperial: L. Boardman & Sons, c. 1880
India: Holmes, Booth & Haydens, 1881, Pat. #12553, H. Hayden design
India: Pairpoint Mfg. Co., 1880 (satin finish; Berwick pattern in bright finish)
Ionic: Wm. Rogers, 1890
Italian: Reed & Barton, 1884, Pat. #15271
Japanese: Holmes, Booth & Haydens (numerous) c. 1879, Pat#11324, H.Hayden
Japanese: Reed & Barton, 1875
Japanese: Numerous, 1880, Pat. #11966 to Rogers & Brittin, Gill & Brittin design
Japanese:  Wood & Hughes, 1875, multi motif
Jewel: Conn S.P., c. 1890, aka “Rossmore” pattern
Julian: Sterling Plate <B>, c. 1890
Kremlin: A.F. Towle, 1883
Laurel: Numerous, 1878, Pat. #10788 to Meriden Britannia, H.W. Hirschfeld design
Laurion: Pairpoint, 1887

Leader: Numerous, 1888, Pat#18316 to Holmes & Edwards, Klingel design aka “Peerless”
Lilian:  Anchor Rogers, Wm. Rogers & Son, 1882 
Lily: Derby Silver Co., (numerous), 1871, Pat. #5298, Joseph Fradley design
Lorne: 1847 Rogers Bros., (numerous), 1878
Lotus: 1834 J. Russell & Co., 1884, Pat. #15420 to J. Russell Cutlery, E. Towle design
Lyonnaise: Numerous, 1879, Pat. #11268 to Rogers & Brittin, G.Gill & E.Brittin design
Marquis: Wm. Rogers & Son, 1880, Pat. #11761, Wm. Rogers design
Mayflower: Holmes & Edwards, 1888, Pat. 18315, R. Klingel design, aka “Daisy”
Nevada: 1847 Rogers, 1881, Pat. #12541 to Meriden Britannia, H.W. Hirschfeld design
Newport: Numerous, 1879, Pat. #11171 to Rogers & Bro., H.W. Hirschfeld design
Niagra VII: 1877 Niagara Falls Co. / Oneida
No. 3: Wood & Hughes, c. 1880 (sterling)
Orient: Reed & Barton, 1879, Pat. # 11212, W. C. Beattie design 
Palace: Holmes, Booth & Haydens, 1884, Pat. #15128, H.W. Hayden design
Parisian: Reed & Barton, 1883, Pat. #13860, A. F. Jackson design

Peerless: Numerous,1888, Pat#18316 to Holmes & Edwards, Klingel design, aka “Leader”  
Pompeiian: Derby Silver Plate, 1883
Queen: Numerous, 1880, Pat. #11822 to Rogers & Brittin, G. Gill design aka “Queen Anne”
Regal: Wm. Rogers, 1880, Pat. #11614, Albert Hart design
Regent: Hall, Elton & Co. +, 1878, Pat. #10859, John M. Culver design
Rival: Wm. Rogers, 1881, Pat.# 12274 to Maltby, Stevens, Curtis, R.H. Klingel design
Rockford I: Rockford Silver Plate, 1884, Pat.# 14911, George B. Kelly design
Rockford VII: Rockford S.P., 1882, Pat#12840 to Racine S.P. Co., F. Waterhouse design
Rogers: L. Boardman & Son, c. 1880
Rossmore: Conn S. P. c. 1890, aka “Jewel” pattern
Ruby: W.F. Rogers, C. Rogers, Anchor Rogers, 1890, aka “Canton” pattern
Ruby:  Wm. Rogers & 1847 Rogers, 1892
Russell II: 1834 J. Russell & Co., c. 1880
Russian: Reed & Barton, 1883, Pat. #14323, A.F. Jackson design
Russian: Standard Silver Ware Co., 1883


Rustic: A.F. Towle, c. 1880, multi motif
St. Augustine: Rogers & Bro., 1888
St. George: Wallace, 1878, F. Waterhouse design (sterling)
St. James: Wm. Rogers & Son, 1881, Pat#12330 to Simpson Hall Miller, S.W. Belk design
Saratoga: Wm. Rogers & Others, 1883 aka “Angelo” pattern
Saratoga:  Variation of above
Saratoga: 1847 Rogers +, 1881, Pat. #12241 to Simpson Hall Miller, S.W. Belk design
Sheffield Plate 1: Sheffield Plate Co.
Sheffield Plate 4: Sheffield Plate Co.
Sheffield Plate 9: Sheffield Plate Co.
Sheffield Plate 11: Sheffield Plate Co.
Shrewsbury: 1847 Rogers & Rogers Bro., 1892
Siren: Rogers Smith, 1847 Rogers & Rogers & Bro., 1891
Spray: 1877 Niagara Falls Co. +, 1887
Spray: Reed & Barton, 1890 (sterling)

Squirrel: Derby Silver Co., 1874, Pat. #8846, Edwin L. Brittin design
Squirrel: Reed & Barton, 1884, Pat. #15271, A.F. Jackson design
Standard: Standard Silver Ware Co., 1883
Standard I: Standard
Standard Silver Ware I: Crown Silver Co.+ 1883, Pat#14262, T. Triebel design
Stanley: Hartford Silver Plate Co., (numerous)
Thistle: Meriden Silver Plate Co., 1882, Pat. #13136, Louis Hiller design
Three: Sterling Silver Plate Co. (aka “Coral” pattern by Sheffield Plate above) 
Tufts No. 1: James W. Tufts, 1885
Two: Brown & Bros., 1881, Pat. # 12124, Le Roy White design
Unique: Derby Silver Co. (numerous), 1879, Pat #10989, Brittin & Gill design
Unique: Reed & Barton, 1880, Pat #11780, Wm. Beattie design
Venetian:  Rogers & Bro., 1884
Victor: Towle Mfg. Co., 1882
Warwick: L. Boardman & Son &Aurora Silver Plate, c. 1880

Webster:  J.B. & S.M. Knowles, 1882, Pat. #12,793, Joseph Knowles design (sterling)
Wellington: Meriden Silver Co., 1888
Westminster:  Numerous, 1883, Pat. #14320 to C. Rogers & Bros., A. Sperry design
Wilton:  L. Boardman & Son, c. 1880
Winthrop: Numerous, 1884, Pat. #15134 to C. Rogers & Bros., A. Sperry design
Last one is unknown.

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26 Responses to Some 19th Century Flatware Patterns

  1. B. Raymond says:

    Hello,I am looking for any information on a pattern called, hall Elton # 3 ,this pattern resembles Tuscan,this same pattern was done by j. o. Mead .It is silverplate over german silver,please help,Raymond

    • queenofsienna says:

      Hello, the only reference that I could find in any of my reference books to Hall Elton Three is in “Silver Plated Flatware Patterns” by Davis and Deibel and they only show an illustration of the pattern with no additional info about it. At this time, I don’t have a patent for this particular design. I haven’t done much research for patents from the 1850s or 1860s yet. The earliest similar design that I have seen was Gibney’s from 1847 but there are others. I was contemplating putting together a post on some of these earlier Tuscan type designs but wanted to do a little more research in the patent office…which is time consuming.

      I’ve seen a recent listing on eBay that mentions “Hall Elton 3″…however, the pattern shown in the listing is not exactly the same as the one in the Davis and Deibel book.

      • Raymond says:

        Hello,Is there any way you would consider posting the one image of Hall & elton #3,I would be interested in seeing an actual image to compare,in the meantime I will be trying to get a second hand copy of the book.Thanks again for all your help,it seems both j.o. Mead and Elton used this pattern who was first? since the back is a dead ringer for Tuscan I think it would have to date after 1846.,Tuscan’s orignal patent. best wishes ,Raymond

      • queenofsienna says:

        Hi, I’ve just put up this post with the image of the Hall Elton Three design that’s listed in Davis and Deibel’s “Silver Plated Flatware Patterns”. The post is here: Look for the 2nd Edition of that Davis and Deibel book…it has 709 pages and is an amazing resource. Hope this helps.

      • B. Raymond says:

        Hello,THANK!!YOU SO SO much for the posting,this is exactly what I was looking for this is the same design that is marked J.O. Mead &co. and also used by Hall & Elton.Now I need to research who came out with it first or was it supplied by another party.From what I understand Tuscan was patent 7-10-1846 ,This design uses the back of Tuscan and the front but modified I now have my work cut out for me.Thanks again so much for your help and comments,I will keep you posted with the results,hane a great weekend,Raymond

  2. stephanie says:

    I have a pattern done by wm rogers and so i.s. and I cant Identify it name, ive search for and while now and cant figure it out if I send a picture to u would u be able to tell me more about it please and thank you Stephanie

  3. Tom Forsell says:


    I always enjoy your posts. I have been collecting a few small lots of Coral by Sheffield Plate Co. Do you have any history on this pattern and the company? It is a rather strange pattern. It seems to be rather cheaply stamped on a plain piece of metal. However, the stamp is rather beautiful. Some pieces have very faint pattern.

    • queenofsienna says:

      Hello, Tom. Hope all is well!

      With regard to a strike at the Derby Silver Co., an 1887 publication listed one of the marks used by Derby as Sheffield Plate Co. (see my Edwin Brittin’s Squirrel post). However, in Davis & Diebel’s book the “Coral” pattern is shown as “Sterling Silver Plate Three”. Now in Eileen Woodhead’s book, she attributes the “Sterling Silver Plate” mark to Holmes, Booth & Haydens who apparently also had the backstamp “Sheffield Plated Co.” (Plated…ed). I’ve seen the “Coral” pattern marked with the “Sterling Sil. Plt. Co.” mark as well as “Sheffield Plate Co.” There is a pickle fork in this pattern on Ebay now with the Sheffield Plate mark. I’m not familiar with a patent for this pattern.

  4. Julles Mills says:

    I also have a pattern I cannot identify. It is an 1834 J Russell & Co. It has a fan tail with a picture of a swan. Lovely but no one seems to know the name. How can I send you a pix?

  5. Christy says:

    I have a pattern from Dirby Silver Co. That I can’t seem to locate the name of. It resembles the lily of the Valley but has the butterfly. And also has the bow tie with straight lines down the handle. Wondering if you have run across this pattern?

    • queenofsienna says:

      Hi, I believe the Derby Silver Co. pattern you describe is called “Bouquet”. I need to update my listings!

  6. Amy Percy says:

    Can you help identify this item? It is marked *ROGERS&SON.A1 – a scalloped serving spoon, floral stamped or embossed handle – the pattern is lilies and other flowers and leaves and goes from the tip of the handle to just under the spoon, just on the front. I can’t find an image match anywhere. Thank you for your time.

  7. Tom Forsell says:

    Just noticed, I don’t see Gem, by Reed and Barton (1871). Perhaps I have missed it. Thanks for all of the great information you have given me.

    • queenofsienna says:

      Hi, Tom! You’re right, Gem isn’t in this listing. I think my intent was to show aesthetic type patterns as there are so many! I didn’t include what I consider the early classic patterns like Olive, Threaded, Gothic, Cottage, Roman, Persian, Gem, etc. But I didn’t say that, I see. You’ve got good eyes! Hope all is well.

  8. Beverly A Roberts says:

    I’m going to send a picture of this spoon also but it is a scalloped sugar spoon I believe, however, on the handle is stamped “Vassar Female College” and I’m not able to find any information online. I would appreciate any assistance so far as determining a value. Thank you.

  9. Art Tawater says:

    I have found a spoon handle at an old cabin in Texas. The cabin was built in the 1850’s and lived in till the 1940’s. It has a BELMONT mark. It is hard to tell the pattern on the front but it appears to be a corn stalk with large bent leaves and a bent over tassel? at the top.
    I can find nothing on it and am trying to date it. I have pics if I could send them to you. Any help would be appreciated. IThanks

  10. Melissa says:

    Hi! Was searching for information on a spoon I have, in the “Calla” pattern marked Williams Bros. Mfg. Co. and found your fabulous research. So fun to read about the Williams Bros. company in your blog post. Thank you!

  11. Janet Williams says:

    Thank you. This information is very helpful. You’re doing a great thing!

  12. I like your site, it has good articles, Have a nice day!

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