Silver Plated Ware Manufacturers Late 19th Century / Early 20th Century

Following are lists of manufacturers of silver plated ware that were taken from various publications from the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.  The publication name, date and page number is indicated at the beginning of each of the six sections.

1. SILVER PLATED WARE (The Connecticut Magazine Vol.11 1907 pg.190)

Am. Silver Co., Bristol
Silver City Plate Co., Meriden  International Silver Co.
E.A. Bliss Co., Meriden
W.B. Hall, Meriden
Sprenenberg & Co., Meriden
Williams Brs. Mfg. Co., Glastonbury
Legate Mfg. Co., 66 Market St. Hartford (Retail Repair)
SL & GH Rogers Co. International Silver Co., Wallingford
SL & GH Rogers Co. International Silver Co., Waterbury
International Silver Co., Bridgeport Brainard & Wilson Co., Danbury
Rogers Silver Plate Co., International Silver Co., Shelton
Silver Plate Cutlery Co., Shelton

2. Silver Plated Ware (The Jewelers’ Circular Vol.26 Feb.8 1893 pg.46 etc.)

Hartford Silver Plate Co Hartford Ct
Holmes & Edwards Chicago Ill.
Homan & Co. Cinncinnati Oh.
Meriden Britannia Co Meriden Conn
Pairpoint Mfg Co New Bedford Mass
Rogers Wm. Mfg. Co. Hartford CT
Rogers & Bro 16 Cortlandt St NY
Simpson Hall Miller & Co Chicago Ill.

3. Silver Plated Ware (White-Orr’s Reference Register 1918 pg.459)

Apollo Silver Co 325 6th av
Art Silver Co 247 Centre
Bass K & J Inc 610 Bway
Bernheim M 170 Bway
Bettridge Co 47 W 34th
BRUML HENRY CO THE 110 Liberty Tel Rector 2083
BUSCH J 58S Bway
Cohen A & Sons 130 E Bway
Cokefair IW 10 Maiden la (see Derby)
Crown Mfg Co 347 6th av
De Passe Pearsal Silver Co 173 Lafayette
Derby Silver Co, The (IW Cokefair) 10 Maiden la Tel Cortlandt 4940
Dorffman NI 411 5th av
Friedelson & Stoll 56 University pl
G0RHAM COMPANY THE 5th av & 36th Tel Greeley 2500 & 15 19 Maiden la Tel Cortlandt 8337
Homan Mfg Co 15 Maiden la
Hopkins ET 9 Maiden la
Hoyt Wm T 9 Maiden la
Hyman & Zaslav 83 Bowery
Internatl Sheffield Wks 154 W 27th
Jennings Silver Co 200 5th av
Johnson JW 32 Maiden la
Klever Kraft Silver Co 185 Madison av
Knickerbocker Silver Co 200 5th av
Kuehne F 88 John
Luria L & Son 100 E Bway
Mandel M 48 W 27th
Marshall HS 17 Maiden la
Middletown Silver Co 15 Maiden
Palrpoint Corpn 43 W 23d
Perlman IM 43 Forsyth
Poole Silver Co 47 W 34th
Rice’s Bernard Sons 325 5th av
Rogers FB Silver Co 32 Maiden la
Rogers J. Silver Co 356 W Bway
Rogers Wm A Ltd 12 Warren
SCHIMPER WM & GO Novelties 33 Union sq W NY Tel Stuyvesant 214 & 322 338 Ferry st Hoboken NJ
Schorr M 54 Maiden la
Sheffield Plate Co 38 W 33d
Sheffield Silver Co 47 W 34th
Sheffield Silver Shop 295 5th av
Sheffield Standard Plate Co Canal & 200 5th av
Solomon Morris 220 5th av
Strauss Herman 320 5th av
Turchin Co 536 W 23d
Van Bergh Silver Plate Co 334 5th av
WARNER SILVER CO Jewel boxes vases pin cushions crucifixes candlesticks etc 200 5th av Tel Gramercy 3639
WEIDLICH BROS MFG CO Jewel cases candlesticks puff Jars photo frames loving cups etc 200 6th av Tel Gramercy 3639
Weintraub Plated Ware Co 174 Worth
White M 163 Bowery

4. Silversmiths (White-Orr’s Reference Register 1918 pg.459)

ALVIN MFG CO 52 Maiden la Tel John 2453
Am Silver Co 15 Maiden la
Anco Silver Co 29 E 22d
Baker Manchester Mfg Co 303 5th av
Ball Edw Co 47 W 34th
Battin & Co 542 5th av
Beardsley L C 6 Maiden la
Beline & Glasser 1352 Bryant av
Bernstein Bros Co 1328 Bway
Betteridge Co Inc 347 5th av
BLACK, STARR & FROST 592 5th av
Blackinton R & Co 8 W 40th
BLAKE JAMES E CO 15 Maiden la
Brand Chatillon Co Inc 634 5th av
Brown Thos G & Sons 547 W 21st
Bruml Henry Co 110 Liberty
Byron Chas В Co 291 7th av
Carlbert Mfg Co 108 W 11th
Chatellier John 347 5th av
Cohen M 52 Pike
Commonwealth Silver Co 220 5th av
Courtade Mathew A 66 Nassau
CRICHT0N BROS OF L0NDON 636 5th av Tel Circle 3236
Currier & Roby 217 E 38th
De Baun JA 15 Maiden la
D0MINICK & HAFF INC 543 W 23d Tel Chelsea 2887 2888
Durgin Wm B Co 15 Maiden la
Elfers WR 140 Sullivan
FAHY’S JOSEPH & CO 52 54 Maiden la & 29 Liberty Tel John 2452
Fessenden & Co Inc 17 Maiden la
Fitch Robert 295 5th av
Foster TW & Bro Co 8 W 40th
Fradley JF & Co 312 E 33d
Freeman Maurice 411 5th av
French GH & Co 200 5th av
Fuchs Ferd & Bros 34 E 29th
Goldman MS 665 5th av
G0RHAM COMPANY THE 5th av & 36th Tel Greeley 2500 & 15 19 Maiden la Tel Cortlandt 8337
Gotham Silver Co Inc 209 W 48th
Graff Washbourne & Dunn 142 W 14th
Harris Milton 200 5th av
Henckel GA & Co 109 W 26th
Hoffman FS & Co 223 E 23d
Hösbach HR 392 5th av
Howard & Co 14 E 47th
Hughes Chas W 6 Maiden la
KERR WM B CO 15 Maiden la Tel Cortlandt 5142
Kipp JM 15 Maiden la
Kolb Gustav F 142 E 59th
Kornberg M 200 5th av
Kurz M Co Inc 508 Broome
La Pierre FH Co 1 W 34th
LEVINE P & CO 247 Centre
Levlne Silversmith Co 241 Centre
Levitt & Gold 71 Nassau
Liebs Co 40 John
Locklin PH & Sons 36 Gold
Lott & Schmitt 68 E 131st
McDonnell Wm 1368 Bway
Magid Bros 90 Walker
May Frank T Co 2 W 45th
Metcalf Co 392 5th av
Meyers Wm B Mfg Co 2 Maiden la
Moore Geo T 407 4th av
Mt Vernon Company Inc 15 Maiden la
National Silver Co 450 Broome
National Silver Deposit Ware Co 179 Wooster
Nost Wm 1139 Tiffany
Paye & Baker Mfg Co 347 5th av
Perlman IM 43 Forsyth
Powell Wm В 6 Maiden la
Press Bros 372 Broome
Rapelye Elijah P Inc 542 5th av
Redlich & Co 153 Madison av
REED & BARTON CO 5th av & 32d & 4 Maiden la
Relchardt Otto 42 E Houston
Rockwell Silver Co 15 Maiden la
Rosenthal A 29 E 22d
Saart Bros Co 9 Maiden la
Schanfein & Tamis 71 Nassau
Scharling & Co 6 Maiden la
Schlelssner JD Sons 320 5th av
Schmitz Moore & Co 9 Maiden la
Schorr M 52 Maiden la
SILVERSMITHS CO %th Ave & 34th
Simons Bros Co 9 Maiden la
Singer A Silversmith Co 180 Grand
Standard Sterling Silver Co 117 E 24th
Star Novelty & Jewelry Co 41 Maiden la
Steig Sam l 322 7th av
Sterling Silver Mfg Co 347 5th av
SWEETSER CO 131 W 31st
Towle Mfg Co 17 Maiden la
UDALL & BALLOU 574 5th av
Van Ness F 240 W 27th
Vanderbilt CA 344 W 38th
WALLACE R & SONS MFG QQ 411 5th av
Warwick Sterling Co 15 Maiden la
Watson & Co 347 5th av
Weber Wagner & Benson Inc 334 5th av
Webster Co 9 Maiden la
WEIDLICH STERLING SPOON CO 200 5th av Tel Gramercy 3639
Weigel С E Co 47 W 34th
Wells John Co 307 5th av
White 6 4 Silverware 15 Maiden la
Whiting FM & Co 15 Maiden la
Whiting Mfg Co 15 Maiden la
WILCOX & WAGONER CO 347 5th av
Wiley Crawford Co 13 Maiden la
Woods Richard M 347 5th av
Woodside Sterling Co 170 Bway
WYLER Jewels Silver and Antiques 661 5th av at 52d Tel Plaza 8996-7
Ziegler L & Son 3797

5. Annual Report of the American Institute, of the City of New York   1871

Reed & Barton Taunton Mass for the best silver plated ware First premium

Simpson Hall Miller & Co 19 John street for silver plated ware Second premium

Lippiatt Silver Plate and Engraving Company 19 John street for machine finished on silver plated and other ware First premium

Hall Elton & Co 36 Park row for silver plated forks spoons etc Second premium

Beardslee Nickel and Manufacturing Company 82 Fulton street Brooklyn NY for the best Nickel plated goods First premium

Luther L Smith 6 Howard street for nickel plated goods Second premium

Meriden Cutlery Company 45 Beekman street for the best table cutlery First premium

6. Connecticut Factory Inspector  1908

Biggins, Rogers Co Wallingford Plated Flat and Hollow Ware

International Silver Co Factory L Wallingford Silver Plated Ware and Sterling Goods

Rogers SL & GH Co Wallingford Silver Plated Table Ware

Wallace R & Son Mfg Co Wallingford Plated Flat Ware

Wallingford Co Inc Wallingford Electro Plated Hollow Ware

Meriden Cutlery Co Meriden for Table Cutlery

Hall W.B.  Meriden Silver Plated Novelties

International Silver Co Factory A Meriden White Metal and Sterling Goods

Parker, Chas Co., The  Meriden  Spoons and Flat Ware

Melrose Silver Co  Goodspeeds Landing  Flat Ware

Smith, EHH Silver Co  Bridgeport  Silver Flated Flat Ware

Williams Bros Mfg Co  Glastonbury  Cutlery and Plated Flat Ware

Alexander & Co  Hartford  Silversmith Jobbing

American Silver Co  Bristol  Silver Plated Flat Ware

Bristol Brass Co  Bristol  Sheet Brass and German Silver

Silver Plate Cutlery Co  Shelton  Silver Plated Cutlery Ware

Bliss, E.A. Co  Meriden  Silver Plated Novelties

Rogers SL & GH Co, The  Hartford  Silver Plated Ware

Middletown Silver Co  Middletown  Silver Plated Ware

Rogers Silver Plate Co  Danbury  Silver Plated Novelties

Fairfield Aluminum Foundry Corp  Fairfield  Aluminum Castings

International Silver Co Factory C  Bridgeport  Silver Plated Ware

Brainard & Wilson Co, The  Danbury  Silver Plated Novelties

Waterbury Rolling Mills  Waterbury  Rolled German Silver and Brass

Billings Brass Co  Waterbury  Sheet Brass Copper and German Silver

Seymour Mfg Co  Seymour  German Silver, Brass and Copper Wire, Rods and Sheet

Ely, C. Upham  New Haven  Brass and Nickel Castings

Blake, Edwin J.  Hartford  Brass and Aluminum Castings

Brown, Christian  Stamford  Brass and Aluminum Castings

Rowell, W.G. & Co  Bridgeport  Brass and Aluminum Castings

These listed will be updated periodically.

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