Waldo…Holmes & Edwards Rialto Pattern

I’ve written a separate page regarding the “Rialto” pattern manufactured by Holmes & Edwards and marked “WALDO”.  Please click here to go to that page:


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2 Responses to Waldo…Holmes & Edwards Rialto Pattern

  1. Kristi Hanson says:

    Hello Queen of Sienna; I am not a collector, but I recently found a beautiful gold-tone Waldo
    HE ladle, and had intended using it for serving food. In reading your piece on the source of that intriguing gold tone, I realized that aluminum was evidently used in producing it. My question now, which you perhaps can answer, is whether it is safe to be used in serving food. Perhaps you will not know, but I’d be interested in your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    • queenofsienna says:

      Hi, Kristi! Excellent question. It is my understanding that there is only a tiny bit of aluminum (one-half of one percent) in the Waldo HE flatware. I wouldn’t hesitate serving food with it, although I might think twice before I used it serving acidic type food such as tomato sauce. I am very sensitive to aluminum. My mother used to cook tomato sauce and soups in a big aluminum pot when I was just a child and I was developing an aluminum toxicity. I had the doctor baffled as he had no idea why I was so sick. I wasn’t even able to get out of bed, I was so weak. My mother happened upon an article in “Prevention” magazine about aluminum and realized that her big aluminum pot was the cause of my illness. She stopped using it and I completely recovered in a few days.

      So, having said all that, I wouldn’t want to eat with these utensils every day, but I certainly would use them as serving pieces. I hope this helps!

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